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Spectacular views of Manhattan. Thriving arts and culture scene. World-class culinary offerings. Acres of waterfront parks. It’s no wonder Long Island City is one of the country’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.
Whether it’s a visit to MoMA PS1 or an industrial warehouse-turned-gallery for the latest in contemporary art; an afternoon of play at the Gantry Plaza State Park, or a stroll along Vernon Boulevard for shopping and a taste of the area’s wide range of culinary options—Long Island City abounds with possibility.
CORTE Long Island

New York City’s
most artsy and
vibrant neighborhood

CORTE Long Island
CORTE Long Island
CORTE Long Island

CORTE Long Island

CORTE Long Island

Long Island City
is the ultimate urban
dweller’s dream
CORTE Long Island

CORTE Long Island
CORTE Long Island

CORTE Long Island

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

CORTE Long Island



Floral designer
and owner of Floresta.
“This is my community. L.I.C. is growing so fast, but there’s a strong sense of neighborhood. People know each other. You go to the park and see moms and dads playing with their kids and their pets. I call it ‘Dog Island City.”
What does Long Island City offer that’s unique from other New York City neighborhoods?
— The Manhattan’s skyline. The view is amazing: Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown. I think L.I.C. offers the most unique view of the city. You can see the most beautiful buildings from here.
What is your perfect day in Long Island City?
— A perfect morning for me is coming to work. I start my day at 7 a.m. I love what I do. I check my venues on the water, then I come to the studio.


Fashion Stylist.
“I absolutely love the quiet walk past the industrial buildings, the railroad overpass, and the community gardens, as I meet my clients at the factory.”
What is unique about the neighborhood?
— It has so much to offer. It is a beautiful intersection of industrial buildings, parks along the water with deck chairs, and great views of the city.”

Where is your favorite place to go out with friends on a Friday night?
— The Gutter! A bar with bowling and food delivered. It’s a chill, fun place to get a drink. I’ve had a couple of parties there that were really fantastic.
Why would you recommend someone to move to Long Island City?
— The vibrant cultural insurgency. It’s all happening here.


Owner of Book Culture
“The waterfront is fantastic. The sense of light out here is much better. It’s not light-locked like the grid of Manhattan.”
Favorite cafe?
— Communitea. The owner is always there, the food is homemade, and it’s very cozy. It’s an authentic place.

What does Long Island City offer that’s unique from other New York City neighborhoods?
— The essential cool thing about L.I.C. is that it’s still in that zone where the rents are tolerable so small family businesses can try something new. And they bring places with character. They’re unique.
What attracted you specifically to LIC?
— MOMA PS1, The Chocolate Factory, The Sculptural Center and the Secret Theater. Nearby you have Astoria, and right across the bridge you’re in Brooklyn.


Owner & Manager at SAPPS
“Long Island City is a great mix. It offers a suburban kind of life with the feel of the city.”
What do you like most about L.I.C.?
— “If Queens and Manhattan had a baby, it would be L.I.C. It’s perfect. It offers an amazing view of the city and is a great place to raise a family.”

What makes LIC unique?
— “The waterfront is a destination place. It is a park, essentially. Families come in just to walk around and enjoy the greenery, which is not something you get in other places around the city.”
Favorite spot?
—“Gantry Bar is one of my favorite places in L.I.C. I think their Bloody Mary is one of the best things that ever happened. The owners are very nice. It’s my go-to spot.”


Chef and restaurant
owner at LIC Market
“The intersection of 21st St. and 44th Dr., where I own my business, stood out to me.”
What’s your favorite thing about living in Long Island City?
— We walk everywhere. And if we want to get out of town, it’s easy to jump on the train or hop on my bicycle. With our dogs, we tend to explore north of the neighborhood. Also, you can’t beat the waterfront, especially when the weather is nice.

What is something that only locals know about living in Long Island City?
— L.I.C. has been a place for artists, artisans, and makers for a long time.
So many of these cool buildings are unsuspecting. You go in there and you’re surprised at what’s happening inside, what’s being created.

Favorite restaurants?
— Mu Ramen is a small restaurant with a lot of critical acclaim.
They make fantastic ramen. You’ve got to go there.


of Bark Frameworks
“I was interested in this neighborhood for one particular reason and that was its proximity to Manhattan and ease of access.”
The best place to have breakfast?
— LIC Corner Cafe is terrific for breakfast. You walk in and Carrie is peeling apples and calls out, “I’m making apple pie.” They make everything from scratch and they live there.
What are the benefits of working here?
— I like the fact that buildings here are built with concrete and they’re really sound structures. We moved out here and now have a big open factory space. It’s a lot easier to work in and more efficient.

Make your way

The seven subway lines serving Long Island City make traveling to, from, and around the neighborhood fast, easy, and convenient.
  • 1. Court Square
  • 2. Vernon Blvd
  • 3. Queens Plaza Subway
  • 4. LIRR, Long Island City
  • 5. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
  • 6. Citibike
  • 7. Citibike
  • 8. Hibino L.I.C
  • 1. Blend on the Water
  • 2. Court Square Diner
  • 3. M. Wells Steakhouse
  • 4. Casa Enrique
  • 5. SugarCube Dessert & Coffee
  • 6. Mu Ramen
  • 7. The baroness Bar & Kitchen
  • 8. John Brown Smokehouse
  • 9. Corner Bistro 
  • 10. Crescent Grill
  • 11. Maiella
  • 12. LIC Market
  • 13. Pantry Market Eatery
  • 14. Slice
  • 15. Bella Via
  • 16. BIA
  • 17. Brooks 1890
  • 18. Burger Garage
  • 19. Café Henri
  • 20. Café Henri
  • 21. Chipotle
  • 22. Five Star Diner
  • 23. Beija Flor
  • 24. Doughnut Plant
  • 25. Levante
  • 26. Manducatis
  • 27. Manducatis Rustica
  • 28. Manettas
  • 29. Tournesol
  • 30. Takuman
  • 31. Kavala Estiatorio
  • 32. Indie LIC
  • 33. Etto Espresso Bar
  • 34. Sweetleaf Coffee
  • 35. Caffeina Espresso Bar
  • 36. Caffeina Espresso Bar
  • 37. The Mill Coffee House
  • 38. Communitea
  • 39. 51. St. Café
  • 40. Toby´s estate
  • 41. Starbucks
  • 42. Penthouse 808 Rooftop
  • 43. The Standing Room
  • 44. The Standing Room
  • 45. The Shannon Pot
  • 46. Dutch Kills
  • 47. BLVD Wine Bar
  • 48. Domaine Bar a Vins
  • 49. Domaine Bar a Vins
  • 50. Alewife
  • 51. Lic Bar
  • 52. The Creek and The Cave
  • 53. Anable Basin
  • 54. Bierocracy
  • 55. Rockaway Brewing Co
  • 56. LIC Beer Project
  • 57. Big aLICe Brewing
  • 58. Transmitter Brewing
  • 59. Fifth Hammer Brewing Company
  • 60. Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs
  • 1. MoMA PS1
  • 2. Local Project ArtSpace
  • 3. SculptureCenter
  • 4. The Oracle Club Writers and Artists Saloon
  • 5. Radiator Gallery
  • 6. The Secret Theatre
  • 7. Chocolate Factory Theater
  • 8. LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
  • 9. Silvercup Studios
  • 10. ¡Deli Gallery
  • 11. Eleventh St. Art
  • 12. Henry Deford III Gallery
  • 13. The Homefront Gallery
  • 14. Reis Studio
  • 15. Flux Factory
  • 16. Space Gallery
  • 1. Gantry Plaza State Park
  • 2. Hunter´s Point South Park
  • 3. Queens West Sports Field
  • 4. Queensbridge Baby Park
  • 5. John F. Murray PlayGround
  • 6. RaffertyTriangle
  • 7. Bridge and Tunnel Park
  • 8. Gantry Plaza State Park
  • 9. Hunter´s Point South Park
  • 10. Queens West Sports Field
  • 11. Queensbridge Baby Park
  • 12. John F. Murray PlayGround
  • 13. RaffertyTriangle
  • 14. Bridge and Tunnel Park
  • 15. Matted
  • 16. LIC Flea & Food
  • 17. Mimi & Co.
  • 18. Book Culture L.I.C
  • 19. Artbook by PS1
  • 20. Fine Art FrameWorks
  • 21. Just Things
  • 22. Matted
  • 23. LIC Flea & Food
  • 24. Mimi & Mo
  • 25. Book Culture L.I.C
  • 26. Artbook by PS1
  • 27. Fine Art FrameWorks
  • 28. Spokesman Cycles
  • 29. The Cliffs at LIC
  • 30. Kayaking with the LIC boathouse
  • 31. Crank Fitness
  • 32. Crossfit Gantry
  • 33. Element Fitness 
  • 34. Emily Spa & Salon
  • 35. Long Island City Physical Therapy
  • 36. The Yoga Room
  • 37. Sacred Waters. 
  • 38. Pranavah Yoga Studio
  • 39. Yoga Studio 6